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Gfin PSIM software suite aims to ease and enhance the integration of physical security subsystems in the modern enterprise or government organization. For example, our PSIM software site enable smart integration of CCTV system together with Access Control System, Fire Alarm and Detection System, Gate barrier, Car park management and perimeter detection system.

PSIM software is able to detect alarms from any security subsystems then prioritize them, interpret to human readable message and show the message on security command center display together with pop-up the CCTV video image from the relevant locations as well as the security staff action guide line.


Gfin PSIM software suite consists of many pieces of components work together to manage the alarm messages, keep track devices status, interact with operators and command center display.


  • GFIN SECURITY OPERATION CENTER: system communication bus and database management system. It link all other PSIM modules together.
  • PSIM VMX: Smart TV WALL or Virtual Matrix Display. It combines physical monitors to one display or divides one physical monitor to multiple displays. It supports any kinds of data source such as Video, Map, Graphic image, etc.
  • SECURITY OPERATION STATION: workstation for security staff. From it screens, security staffs can overview the secure area of any location or monitor any alarm message from any security subsystem.
  • REMOTE MONITORING: solution for security supervisor or security staff who work outside security control room.
  • SECURITY ALARM MANAGER: collect alarm message, prioritize and interpret to security staff.
  • SECURITY ALERT DISPATCHER: alert message generate from PSIM software to acknowledge supervisor the incident status.