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About us

Gfin Corporation was established in 2007 by engineering team who have experienced in both Physical Security System and Information Technology System.

Our business vision is that physical security industrial is rapidly changing from analog world to digital world. Computer, networking technology and Internet are playing the significant roles in the development of physical security system.


At the beginning, our software solution provides Smart TV wall display integration with network camera from AXIS communications and video management software from Milestone system. The solution enables next generation of security smart command center system for large enterprise and government organization.

Later on development, our software is enabled more support the cameras and DVR from many vendors such as Sony, Panasonic, Bosch as well as increased of intelligent and managements features.

In 2012, we put together our experiences and technology to create PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software. It provides modern organization the more intelligent, more integrate-able with security subsystems, more proactive protection and more simplicity for security staffs.
Gfin Corporation aims to contribute its knowledge, experience and all effort to produce a physical security software and PSIM platform for medium to large enterprise.